We’re Signing ‘The Space Hero’s Guide’ at WonderCon!


Good news, everyone!

Apart from being a religious holiday of some significance, this weekend also corresponds with the time-space coordinates of WonderCon 2015.

A bit of a San Diego Comic-Con Lite, WonderCon takes place in Anaheim, Calif., and is a smaller affair than the yearly insanity that is SDCC, and as such is a bit more chill and relaxed, while still being a full-fledged con experience. And that makes it a great place to sign some books. Which is what co-writer bestie Nick Hurwitch and I will be doing this weekend.

Thaaat’s right, we’ll be signing copies of “The Space Hero’s Guide to Glory” Sunday at the Mysterious Galaxy Booth. Come find us at 2 p.m. at Booth 908.

astronaut ice cream

If meeting Nick and me and getting a signed copy of a book guaranteed to turn you into a Universe-romping Kicker of Space Asses isn’t enough incentive, we’ve got a bit of a bonus to offer. Drop by the Mysterious Galaxy booth for the signing and you can grab a pack of freeze-dried astronaut ice cream on us.

Come say “Hi,” grab yourself some Space rations, and if it catches your fancy, snag a copy of “The Space Hero’s Guide to Glory.” You can check out an excerpt of the book right here, and try our “Space Hero’s Guide”-inspired Twine game, “Kobayanshi Marooned,” right here.

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