Crazy Busy October and Crazy Weird Resident Evil 6

October is a major time for video game releases, and thus I’m finding myself with plenty of freelance action going on in the next few weeks. There also might be a few new developments brewing by the end of the month, and while I’m not able to discuss them just yet, they are occupying my […]

In the Brainholes: Resident Evil Overload

This weekend, I’m playing Resident Evil 6 for review, bringing me back into the universe that was the subject of The Unofficial Resident Evil Trivia Challenge and a huge amount of research in order to complete the project. It’s at once kind of great and kind of uneasy.

In the Brainholes: iPhone 5, Resident Evil, Comikaze

It’s been a really busy week in terms of freelance and other obligations, along with preparations for various projects and this weekend’s panel at Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2012. We’re excited. There’s a lot to do. Meantime, this was a week of notable things. Apple finally unveiled its new iPhone and the fifth film in the […]