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Been a bit since I was able to get over here, but with good excuses!

Lots of work, that’s what. In fact, I don’t really have time to write a whole lot here, but what I can do is dump a bunch of the stuff I’ve been working on that’s keeping me from complaining about video games or discussing writing tips I make up. Here’s a big rundown of everything I’ve been writing lately.

Over at Game Front:

An insane deluge of stuff. With the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines (about which I’ll be writing some here later), I’ve had a lot to talk about (being a stupidly big Aliens fan, to which this blog can attest). Also a bunch of reviews and previews:

All The Ways Aliens: Colonial Marines Breaks the ‘Aliens’ Story

A giant, spoilery plot-point rundown in our “Storytime” series.

Aliens: Colonial Marines — The Train Wreck, Explained

A report I collaborated on about a lot of the developer controversy surrounding A:CM, which has been pretty well panned by everyone.

Dead Space 3 Review: Good, But More Shooty Than Scary

My review for Dead Space 3.

Visceral: Dead Space 3 Priority is Quality, not Survival-Horror

The first piece from a post-launch interview I did with Dead Space 3 Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis.

Visceral: Dead Space 3 Never Designed to Force Micro-Transactions

The other piece related to that interview, focusing specifically on the game’s controversial use of real-money “micro-transactions.”

Dead Space 3 Chapter Names Could Hint at Dead Space 4 Story

A story I helped break, thanks to the research of Mitch Saltzman on the Game Front Video Team, who found a hidden message in Dead Space 3.

Insanity is Dead Space’s Secret (and Underused) Weapon

An entry into my “HorrorScope” series that discusses the uses of insanity in the Dead Space series.

Serious Sam Double D XXL Preview: Guns. Lots of Guns.

A preview of the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade version of Serious Sam Double D, which includes co-op.

Opening of God of War: Ascension, Complete with Commentary

Some preview videos I made for God of War:  Ascension, in which I tried my hand at giving audio commentary: something I might attempt again this week.

God of War: Ascension’s First 30 Minutes: Hands-on Preview

The write-up about the content in the videos.

Looting, Crafting and Stealth-Kills: Hands-on with The Last of Us

The write-up of a hands-on session with upcoming survival-horror title The Last of Us.

The Last of Us Lead Designer: You Will Come to ‘Rely’ on Ellie

Interview feature from the same preview event.

Everything We’ve Learned about The Last of Us

A big rundown of info on the game gleaned from our hands-on, in list form.

Proteus Review: Still Beautiful, Now Slightly Less Empty

Review of indie title Proteus.

Antichamber Review: Lost in an Unreal World

Review of indie puzzler Antichamber.

No Time To Explain Review: Humorous, Clever Platforming

Review of indie platformer No Time To Explain (which is about time travel!).


I’ve also started writing weekly bits for Koobismo, as well as continuing to take part in the “In The Workshop” interview series.

Maybe ‘Aliens’ Just Shouldn’t Be a Game

I have a sneaking suspicion it just can’t be done in games as we know them today.

In The Workshop with Kimberly Brooks

An interview I co-hosted with Mass Effect voice actress Kimberly Brooks. We also have another one coming with BioWare writer David Gaider, which was conducted last week.


I do daily blogs for and, all of which discuss new apps that are worth attention. I also get a chance to do some weekly columns, usually about mobile gaming.

Exceptional Games Ported from Nintendo DS to iOS

A rundown of a few big games worth playing on mobile. Totally forgot Ghost Trick, though.

There’s also a forthcoming preview of Aliens vs. Predator: Evolution, probably getting posted this week.

Anyway, those are all the reasons I haven’t had much time to blog. Hoping to get back into it this week with lots to talk about, including Aliens: Colonial Marines, Dead Space 3, writing for games in general, more social outreach stuff as I push a few new directions for So You Created a Wormhole, and whatever else I think of.

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