The Rear-View Mirror on 2012, and Many Thanks

happy 2013

Whoa. It’s 2013, and it’s been a crazy year. Seems like a mistake not to take a second and look back at all the cool things that happened, and the many reasons for which I have to be thankful.

First up, my first book, So You Created a Wormhole: The Time Traveler’s Guide to Time Travel, created in conjunction with co-writer best friend Nick Hurwitch, hit shelves in April. That was magical and transcendent, a dream and a goal I’ve been working toward for the whole of my thinking life. So, you know. Booyah.

The whirlwind surrounding Wormhole has been pretty insane, as well. I attended San Diego Comic-Con as a panelist — which is absolutely insane crazy, if you think about it, especially given that I was on a panel with a number of other awesome writers, as well. Nick and I did a bunch of interviews and even a TV appearance.

Everything surrounding Wormhole is a thank you situation. Everyone, from our agent Brandi Bowles and managers over at Magnet Management, to our editor Andie Avila, to my fiancee Caitlin and my parents and Nick’s parents and Nick’s girlfriend Amanda, and my various friends who helped in reading and editing and encouraging — all of them have been thanked profusely, but it’ll never be quite enough. Here’s one more: thanks, you guys. Seriously. Thank you.

I also had a second book hit shelves — The Unofficial Resident Evil Trivia Challenge — which was less a labor of love and more a labor of labor. While the job was a fast and intensive one, though, it was also a great deal of fun and resulted in a ludicrous amount of research into one of my favorite franchises. Many thanks to the folks responsible for that one, too.

Probably the best part of the whole bookthing is meeting so many interesting and amazing people. I’ve met a huge number of authors this year, both online and in person, and have shaken hands with more than a few people I personally admire. It feels like I’ve come a long way through those experiences. They all make me want to be better at what I do, and they’ve helped, whether they’ve realized it, or meant to, or not.

Outside of bookstuff, of which there was admittedly a lot, I had a really great 2012 in terms of freelance work. I feel like I’ve really come a long way in terms of the work I do for Game Front, and I’ve met a lot of great new people in the annals of the Internet through my work on the site. I have to say thanks to BioWare and the team behind Mass Effect 3, because that game and the writing I’ve done (most of it alongside friend and colleague Ross Lincoln) has really been responsible for a surge in awesome this year. I’ve had a great time connecting with super-smart people over the medium of video games. It’s been a good time.

Gotta say, really, 2012 was pretty spectacular. I’m fully expecting 2013 to be even better. Getting married this year. Got some projects on various burners. Excited every day. Writing for a living. That’s pretty cool, really.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make 2012 the best year of my life so far. I’ll continue to try to repay the favor as often and as fully as possible.

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