Fanboy knowledge compressed into book form

Resident Evil:  Afterlife

Never tell anyone you can write a book in a month.

I thought I could do it. Well, technically, I did do it, at the expense of some sleep and some other commodities. It’s an intense experience, trying to bang out any kind of massive amount of content in that short a span. The reason I thought I could handle The Unofficial Resident Evil Trivia Challenge, a book I have coming out this week (holy crap!), was the fact that for much of my life I was a giant, unapologetic Resident Evil fanboy. I knew a crapload about the video game series that (in my estimation) is responsible for the massive resurgence in the popularity of zombie fiction, games and movies.

So when I was approached by Brandi, the literary agent who signed Nick and me when we were pitching So You Created a Wormhole, with the proposition of doing a trivia book, I was excited. “I can totally do that,” I thought to myself, mentally flipping through the pages of Resident Evil trivia I could remember off-hand. “Easy.”

Oh, what a fool was I.

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