5 of My Favorite Game Soundtracks (of the Year)


It’s been a busy week, what with holidays, a somewhat screwy work schedule, and a random head cold I picked up somewhere, so we’re keeping things light today. Earlier this week, over at Game Front, I published a big rundown of 10 great game soundtracks I’ve been listening to this year. There are quite a few quality entries, so I thought I’d share.

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5 of the Most Important Songs of the Story

vagrant story

I write a lot about video games because, as a storytelling medium, I find it just as fascinating as film or literature. Much like film, games often mix music and visuals to create highly poignant moments.

Unlike films, however, songs that play over the credits (and sometimes during the endings) of games seem to have more of an effect, and often a longer-lasting impact. Where audience are often getting up to pee or whatever as the credits roll on a film, most players tend to hit the credits of a game and hang through them, reflecting on the experience they’ve just spent hours plowing through. For the most affecting games, these final moments of reflection can be extremely powerful — and music plays a big part in the experience.

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