Paranormal Slacktivity: Time to End the Franchise

paranormal activity 4

I’ll admit that I have a soft stop for the Paranormal Activity movies, and really, anything that includes demons and demonic possession. You might argue that, four movies in, all of the Paranormal Activity movies have been basically the same, and you’d be right — but underneath is something of a progression in a story about a demon and the hell it has unleashed on a family, in slow stages, to reach its goals.

Except, that is, in Paranormal Activity 4. I was able to give a pass to, and even fully enjoy, the earlier three movies because they move along the greater demonic storyline, if slowly. But the fourth movie feels more cash-in than ever before, and lacks almost completely anything that pushes the story forward. It leaves more questions than answers, there are some gaping holes in the fabric of the underlying plot, and it sort of feels like it’s time to bring the whole thing to a halt.
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