5 Truths About Games Journalism

It’s not as much fun as you think. Inevitably, readers on the Internet always seem to subscribe some incredible attributes to games journalists. Usually these have to do with the exorbitant checks we must be receiving from publishers and developers to sway public opinion. I figured today I’d take a minute and clear up a […]

In the Brain Holes: Some readings on sexism, assault

As is readily apparent from this blog and the photos of me sometimes found upon it, I’m a straight white male. Thus, for me to talk about sexism and the experiences of women is, well, idiotic. So I’m not, I dunno, commenting? on that so much here: Even though it’s extremely important, there’s no way […]

5 Tips: Breaking Into Freelance Games Journalism

I’ve been working steady as a games journalist for better than two years now, and occasionally I’m asked about how to get into the industry. There are no hard and fast rules, unfortunately — nor is breaking into the industry at all easy for anyone. I wound up here by a confluence of lucky circumstances […]

Looking to the Gaming Community for New Stories

Something you learn quickly when working at a small video gaming website like the one for which I work, GameFront.com, is that access of any kind is really hard to come by. Quickly, it becomes really difficult to execute what you might call “journalism” in other circles. Doing research and getting interviews with the people […]

Creating the journalism Spam State

I’m working on a diatribe about journalism in general, but I need to temper and hone my argument better before I post it here. In the meantime, I’ll comment on a smaller portion of the evolving journalism industry: Citizen journalism. Everyone’s got an opinion as to the evolution of the industry right now, but the […]

On critics, criticism and making a living by ripping on other people’s work

Jamie Kennedy’s documentary Heckler showed up in my mailbox courtesy of Netflix last week. The film is interesting specifically because it gives a perspective not always readily apparent for the regular consumer of creative works, specifically comedy as film. Kennedy spends a lot of time displaying what it’s like to be heckled as a stand-up […]