In the Brainholes: Call of Duty, Works In Progress

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I’ve been playing an inordinate amount of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 for the last week, both for reviews (I worked on reviews for both the Xbox 360 version and the PC version) and for various other reasons, like helping out Game Front’s video team as they try to make walkthrough videos.

The game is definitely not lacking for weirdness. Its story jumps back and forth between the Cold War and the near future, in which a revenge-driven Nicaraguan drug lord takes out his grudges on America and specific American soldiers alike. The villain, Raul Menendez, excels in being super-powered and apparently capable of seeing the future, and while the story isn’t always great, it gets kudos for going to some really dark places.

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In the Brain Holes: Some readings on sexism, assault


As is readily apparent from this blog and the photos of me sometimes found upon it, I’m a straight white male. Thus, for me to talk about sexism and the experiences of women is, well, idiotic. So I’m not, I dunno, commenting? on that so much here: Even though it’s extremely important, there’s no way I could “weigh in” in such a way as to be helpful to anyone.

What I will comment on is what feels like a rapid and stark change in the conversation about sexism in this country, and also specifically in nerd culture, over the recent months. The number of personal accounts and angry editorials I’ve read recently on the subject, both in general life and in more specific places like conventions and gaming culture, is kind of staggering. All of it is heartbreaking, but here’s the positive side: The conversation is shifting. It’s getting loud(er) out there. And that’s very good.

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In the Brainholes: creepy dreams, Mass Effect, stories

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I’m still feeling out the format for this blog, but I’m taking a lot of inspiration from the work Chuck Wendig does over at He has several days of the week where he hits specific blog categories — Fridays he usually throws down a writing prompt, for example. Thursdays are usually interviews. Seems like a good idea.

“In the Brainholes” is my current experiment for Friday blog posts. I’m envisioning it as a rundown of the stuff that’s been on my mind throughout the week. Plus I think I’m going to throw a writing prompt/weekend fiction challenge at the end (and shamelessly steal from Chuck). For the time being, until I decide I don’t like this idea anymore.

So away we go.
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