3 Time Travel stories I think you should read

Little bit slow coming off the holiday weekend today, so I figured I’d just drop a little reading list action your way. This particular list is of a few things I enjoyed while doing research for So You Created a Wormhole and beyond, and if you’re already a time travel fiction fan, this likely isn’t […]

In the Brainholes: creepy dreams, Mass Effect, stories

I’m still feeling out the format for this blog, but I’m taking a lot of inspiration from the work Chuck Wendig does over at terribleminds.com. He has several days of the week where he hits specific blog categories — Fridays he usually throws down a writing prompt, for example. Thursdays are usually interviews. Seems like […]

Missing the moon’s first visitor

I was born 16 years after humans first walked on the moon. It was years before I actually started to understand what the event meant. Two men had walked on a shore so distant, it floats in the sky. They ventured into the Sea of Tranquility and found it alien. They left boot prints upon […]

In My Brainholes: Slenderman, Plus a Short Story

Slenderman freaks me the hell out. I’m not sure what it is, exactly, about the notion of the Internet-invented urban legend. There’s just something about him. Primarily it is, perhaps, that he’s an infiltrator; that he appears at will, bends the laws of reality, and pursues relentlessly his victims. Also he has no face. And […]

The Enemy of My Enemy – writing in someone else’s world

So I applied for this. It’s a writing fellowship program in television from ABC. Like all things requiring application, I had to punch out a few essays about me, and what I’m like, and why I’d like to write for TV, and what I bring to writing TV that’s special that no one else can. […]