Meet your heroes (if they tweet)

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The more time I spend with Twitter, the more I realize it has the potential to be single greatest achievement of the Internet to date. No, dude – I’m totally serious.

Beyond the more amazing achievements of Twitter – broadcasting the struggles of people in oppressed parts of the world, for example – it every single day brings people closer together. And not in that Facebook “we were friends in high school and now we can occasionally check out pictures of one another’s dogs” way, in which there’s as much relationship expansion as there is total could-care-less ignoring of other people going on. Twitter is a conversation, and only a conversation, between groups of people. Twitter is a chance to have a conversation with virtually anyone, and in many ways, your ability to take part in that conversation is moderated only by your ability to have something interesting to say.

I’m speaking, of course, about following famous people on Twitter.
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