Remembering a Friend and Colleague


Skipping a usual blog post about whatever. A friend and colleague, Matt Hughes, died yesterday.

Matt was a freelance games journalist and an occasional contributor to Game Front. He worked a lot as a walkthrough writer at various outlets and was from Commerce, Mich., which is near to where I grew up. Over the last year or so, he and I had become the sort of Internet friends who have some great conversations through social media and never actually meet in person.

Especially through Twitter, Matt was one of the people who I could always count on for interesting perspectives, and we had several illuminating conversations on things like various games, the ins and outs of games journalism, writing and the other junk I tend to talk about a lot. Though we never met and rarely even spoke in a real-time manner, Matt was someone from whom I looked forward to hearing when I took to the Internet to discuss the latest in our field.

Apart from just being generally interesting and amiable, Matt was a talented writer who I think was really coming along as a freelancer and as a member of the industry. He may have been primarily working on guides, but his work with Game Front for PAX East was impressive. I liked reading his work and, more, I liked talking with him about it.

Even though I never had a chance to hang out with Matt or shake his hand, I considered him a friend. He was a talented guy, easygoing and good to talk with, and I’ll miss him. It’s a shame he’s gone.

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