I'm blogging! Brock, I blogged!

I keep trying to do this and failing. For a journalist, I’m not much for keeping journals.

Still, at the past suggestion of Caitlin M. Foyt, and because it’s always a struggle to keep writing and this is yet another outlet, I’m typing life down. Just in case you weren’t getting enough Phil Hornshaw. That is, assuming someone else sees this and I’m not just reading it myself in a year.

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about and working on stories about zombies. Anybody who’s been reading “Wrath of the Damned,” a multi-author ongoing zombie apocalypse short story blog project (adjectives, anyone?), probably has heard me rant about the zombie genre, its place among the horror genres, and the way it’s been mistreated pretty much always (with a few noteable, but slightly campy, exceptions).

If you haven’t heard that rant, I’ll spell it out. As a genre of stories, I feel zombie fiction is, on the whole, fairly horrible. Occasionally zombie stories are treated with the reverence and seriousness they deserve, but that’s usually not the case. Such stories largely amount to little more than gory monsters gorily munching on screaming victims. These victims, more often than not, could have avoided certain death merely by being a little more vigilant, a little less petty, or a little more respectful of the danger around them.

Therefore, “Wrath,” to which I contribute along with authors Nick Hurwitch, Robert Bernardi, Rich Bronson and Angie Hornshaw, is supposed to be a more realistic, high-minded, and possibly spiritual look at the idea of the living dead. Specifically, I have questions: what do zombies mean to the idea of a soul; if the dead return to life, what does that mean about life after death; is it mercy to kill someone to prevent them from becoming a zombie, or to kill a zombie to “release” it; if you kill a zombie, is it murder; Can zombies be saved?

So we’re trying to do some cool stuff. We’re also trying to do some story-type stuff with our wrathofdamned Twitter account.

Hopefully more people will read it.

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