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I try not to be the kind of person who stumbles stupidly into a discussion without thinking it through, coming prepared, having done the research, or feeling that I have something to add. So when it comes to Newtown, Sandy Hook, tragedy and the like, I don’t always feel as though scribbling down some thoughts about doing this or doing that or who’s to blame — especially in this space, where I talk about movies, writing, dreams I had and video games — is prudent. Discussions are better when needless noise is kept to a minimum, and I prefer not to spout static. At least not right now.

But I have been reading what other people have said, and I think I can contribute to that discussion by pointing out a few of the more notable things I’ve come across. They, at the very least, are worth being added to the discussion. So here we go:

It’s Not One Thing, from Terrible Minds

Always a fan of Chuck’s perspective, and I have to fully agree with him that people who are trying to silence discussion need to be ignored.

Read it here.

I Am Adam Lanza’s Mother, from Gawker

This is worth a read, both because it sheds interesting light on some troubles — namely, that for a lot of people, the answer to mental health troubles is jail — and because it’s also a problematic perspective. We keep talking about mental illness in the wake of tragedy, but has anyone talked to the mentally ill? As my friend Ray pointed out on Twitter, demonizing the mentally ill isn’t going to help anybody, either, and it’s important to avoid falling into that trap. Still think you should read it and keep both sides in mind.

Read it here.

After Newtown, from Dave Ex Machina

Dave Lartigue breaks down some of the moreĀ asinineĀ things being said and argued over the whole incident

Read it here.

Down with Big Gun, from Gawker

Can you even name many gun companies? I can’t. And that’s the way gun companies like it — they’re certainly not apologizing for their weapons being used in Friday’s shooting (or any other shooting), as Drew Magary points out.

Read it here.

Family, friends remember the brave, caring legacy of Sandy Hook teacher Vicki Soto, 27, from the New York Daily News

A story worth reading.

Read it here.

Twelve facts about guns and mass shootings in the United States, from The Washington Post

No explanation necessary.

Read it here.

And since I think about and write about video games for a living, there’s that inevitable angle:

Triggers, from Unwinnable

John Peter Grant talks about the relationship between video games, and we as players, and real-life violence — the translation of thought into action.

Read it here.

Ten-country comparison suggests there’s little or no link between video games and gun murders, from The Washington Post

You know, just in case common sense eluded anyone.

Read it here.

That’s all from me for now. Maybe I’ll come back with an opinion at some point. Right now I’m captivated by the example of Australia, which cinched up gun control years ago after a similar mass shooting, and hasn’t had one since.

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