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Sometime around July, I started to write an entry in this blog to restart it. As you might have guessed, I never finished that entry.

That entry opened with a short discussion of lowered priorities, the balancing of making money and writing in blogs that no one reads, et cetera and so on. I also played the “I was writing a book” card, which kind of excuses me, I guess. Except we finished writing that book in April. I’ve had a few short flurries of activity since then in the editing process, concerning copy edits, content edits, cover choices and promo materials, but nothing to warrant not having written here for so long.

Let’s face it. I was lazy. I also read A Game of Thrones, A Storm of Swords (when something becomes a TV show or a movie, that’s often when I find out about it) and some other stuff. I’ve played a lot of video games for work. Skyrim is a thing that sucks up some of my time. I have a lot of excuses, I’ve written a lot of words, and I’ve neglected this thing I’ve created. I have a tendency to do that. I’m a terrible father and an easily distracted god.

But I usually come back, eventually, and here we are. And I have a plan to dedicate a large chunk of what goes on in this space to detailing our book-writing process in some hopefully useful detail. I’ll also be filling these … pages? I dunno … with the same kinds of opinion dribble that I used to. Probably fewer reviews though, given that I do those for a living now. You can read a great deal of my paid writing over at GameFront.com and Appolicious.com. I surrender much of my time to those two things.

Okay, on to something worth reading. Maybe.

Wormhole_NEW.inddSomething Worth Reading

So check this out: So You Created a Wormhole: The Time Traveler’s Guide to Time Travel has, among other things, a cover. We also built a website that’s right here. All this crap is coming along.

It’s also a surprisingly huge amount of crap to do. You might think, “I have a great idea for a book. I’m going to write it.” Little do you know that the book-writing part, at least in the case of (what we loosely term) nonfiction, is maybe 70 percent of the total process — I don’t know, I haven’t completed the total process yet. Co-writer hetero-lifemate Nick Hurwitch and I dedicated roughly four to five months to writing the book itself — we signed our book contract in late November and finished by the  middle of April.

The rest of the time, we’ve been working on peripheral stuff, trying to make a universe of funny to rotate around our book. We’ve already built portions of the growing fiction, like a website meant to be that of the governing agency of time travel, QUAN+UM. We’re also trying to be as funny as possible daily on The Time Travel Guide’s Twitter feed, @timetravelguide, and building slowly our Facebook presence.

It’s an interestingly high degree of crap to do, actually. A lot of promotion is done by the author in publishing — something you don’t really ever hear but kind of makes sense — and something worth  noting is that telling a publisher how what you’re going to do to help them sell your book is a key part of getting a book contract these days. You’re your own marketing department. You need to be if you care at all about what you’re doing.

So that’s part of what this is, actually. This is me trying to make myself more available, Google-able, and interesting, whenever possible. It’s back to blogging, but before I could find myself writing something interesting, I had to write this.

There. Done. You’re welcome.

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