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I know I owe a real post, but in the meantime, I need to make this available to everyone immediately. It’s a set of videos good buddy Jason Wong just made available on his YouTube channel.

All three videos were content created by my high school friends (read: my oldest and most hilarious friends) and me sometime in 2006. We posted them on the humor website I ran with their amazing help, The site is now defunct, but the videos survive.

When Clinton Wong instant messaged me with the link to the videos, it was like being belted in the head with the wooden samurai sword of nostalgia. The weirdo crap we used to get up to, man.

Two of the videos were trailers we made for “Worms,” a parody horror movie the concept for which we invented in high school, sitting around in art club, trying to stave off going home as well as entertain ourselves. Nick Hurwitch, who more than anyone else is integral to these three films (his dad provided the camera, which he’s behind for the two trailers), would eventually go on to write the script for a film class. Eventually we’ll shoot it in a back yard, or better yet, that little Novi park where you can see the playground through the trees.

Trained ChimpThe third video is a mock-commercial we created for a section of that served as the fake website for the fake special interest group, the National Whiners and Complainers Association of America. The NWCAA later would back its own candidate for the 2006 presidential election – Trained Chimp, a chimpanzee in a suit whose campaign platform outshone both parties’, and who would have been a serious write-in contender if Nader hadn’t siphoned off all his votes.

I’m pretty excited about re-discovering these. Shadypenguin was an awesome time in my life and it’s nice to remember when we used to have summers to screw around and throw worms at each other.

Watch the last video here.

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  1. I still don’t have the video of Dan eating a whole pound cake or Shafer and the donut

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