Research trip: NYC

Halfway to New York, and I’m in the car working and now blogging. As I’m nearly to my destination and the purpose of this trip is directly related to my future as a writer and novelist, I feel like I should explain the trip’s significance. I’ve already spoken about the trip’s conception, in a vague […]

One of those existential moments, but also involving ‘Star Wars’

A ludicrous Twitter exchange involving my sister and one of her best friends threw into sharp relief how ridiculous my life is. For the better part of an hour, we jokingly discussed starting a 1950s-style leather jacket-wearing gang not unlike what you’ve seen in “West Side Story.” After discussing possible names (involving crushing, skulls, lasers, […]

Iran, the Internet, politics

Two blogs in one night. I’m talkin’ crazy. The media is all ablaze over Iran, it’s government-imposed social networking blackout, and that whole “twitter’s still free” thing. Last night at around 2 a.m., I tried reading some of those #IranElection posts on Twitter. And like everything that comes over Twitter, it was an unmitigated flood […]

How I found a real use for twitter

I’m fascinated by this Twitter stuff. Tonight Nick Hurwitch and I worked pretty extensively on the “Wrath of the Damned” multi-author Twitter story, which consists of an on-going short story created by whoever happens to sign on and add to it. Caveat: We don’t tell each other what we’re doing until it’s up. Therefore, the […]