3 Time Travel stories I think you should read


Little bit slow coming off the holiday weekend today, so I figured I’d just drop a little reading list action your way.

This particular list is of a few things I enjoyed while doing research for So You Created a Wormhole and beyond, and if you’re already a time travel fiction fan, this likely isn’t new to you. If you’re not, however, these are some that are worth your attention for various reasons. I intend to drop lots more things in posts like this one. This is just a quick post because I’m a bit time-limited.

Without further adieu, three time travel stories I think you should read:

the-man-who-folded-himself-7The Man Who Folded Himself

by David Gerrold

Lots of time travel stories like to deal with the weirdness of doubling back on your own timeline and meeting yourself — The Man Who Folded Himself spends its entire story dealing with the implications of self-interaction in a crazy and involved way. Gerrold deals heavily with the idea that a person can be different based on time and experience, one moment to the next, and so the protagonist of The Man is interacting with, and playing the part of, lots of different versions of himself over the course of the story. There are also a number of different, ultimately rather strange and sometimes morally questionable, implications of that idea.

The Kindle edition is also extremely reasonably priced. Grab it from Amazon.

timeline cover


by Michael Crichton

The thing I’ve always enjoyed about Crichton is the attention he gives to research. Timeline concerns Medieval France, and Crichton spent a whole lot of time researching the region and getting the details right about it. He also spent a lot of time researching, and then explaining, quantum physics, which only adds to the coolness of the time travel device he uses in this novel. I first read it when I was about 14, but it’s one of my favorites of his, probably second only to Jurassic Park. The movie version is, well…not as good. The novel’s a great time, though.

Grab it from Amazon.

All You Zombies

By Robert Heinlein

Find any list of great time travel stories and you’ll inevitably find Heinlein’s time travel story on it. Most everyone interested in this branch of science fiction will have checked it out by now, but if you haven’t, you should. “All You Zombies” is a short story that Heinlein wrote in a single day. It also piles on the twists and is even better enjoyed on a second reading, once you’ve seen where it’s going. I’d explain better, but to do so would kind of blow it.

The story is available online for free. Read it here (or Google around).

If you’ve got further time travel story suggestions, drop them in the comments. I’ll definitely be doing more of these in the future.

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