5 of My Favorite Game Soundtracks (of the Year)


It’s been a busy week, what with holidays, a somewhat screwy work schedule, and a random head cold I picked up somewhere, so we’re keeping things light today. Earlier this week, over at Game Front, I published a big rundown of 10 great game soundtracks I’ve been listening to this year. There are quite a few quality entries, so I thought I’d share.

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Resident Evil: Retribution for Christmas Eve Viewing

resident evil retribution

I finally got around to checking out Resident Evil: Retribution, this year’s entry into the Resident Evil film canon, and the fifth movie in the series so far. It’s also the second return for Director Paul W.S. Anderson, who took the second and third movies off from director duties but came back for the fourth, and now this one.

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Returning to The Shire, Thanks to ‘The Hobbit’

the hobbit

I heard a lot of negative stuff about The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey before I saw it, and so I lowered my expectations pretty significantly before we arrived at the theater.

It was probably overlong, from what I’d heard, and stupidly pandering to 3-D and gimmickiness with its heightened frame rate of 48 frames-per-second. I would see it that way, as Peter Jackson intended, but I would be bored throughout. But I loved The Lord of the Rings, so I would give it a chance, even if I couldn’t manage to give it the benefit of the doubt.

However, I found the weaknesses of The Hobbit to be greatly exaggerated. In fact, despite the movie clocking in at just under three hours, I had a great time and found myself riveted throughout.

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Guns, Health, Politics, Media, Violence — Us


I try not to be the kind of person who stumbles stupidly into a discussion without thinking it through, coming prepared, having done the research, or feeling that I have something to add. So when it comes to Newtown, Sandy Hook, tragedy and the like, I don’t always feel as though scribbling down some thoughts about doing this or doing that or who’s to blame — especially in this space, where I talk about movies, writing, dreams I had and video games — is prudent. Discussions are better when needless noise is kept to a minimum, and I prefer not to spout static. At least not right now.

But I have been reading what other people have said, and I think I can contribute to that discussion by pointing out a few of the more notable things I’ve come across. They, at the very least, are worth being added to the discussion. So here we go:

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‘Sinister’: How Sound Changes the Audience’s Role


A few weeks back, I checked out Sinister, a horror film with Ethan Hawke that inevitably is a member of the “creepy children” genre that’s become especially popular lately, but has always been popular on the greater horror landscape.

While the movie itself is intriguing without ever being especially captivating — I kind of tire of horror movies in which there seems to be no real danger, other than drawing the attention of spooky entities — it does some very cool things with sound throughout. It’s that use of sound more than anything else that drives both the surreal nature of the story and presentation, and the oppressive atmosphere of the movie.

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